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Important Series Update

Hello there, visitor,

Those of you familiar with our work as the authors of the Songs of Blood Saga are probably noticing that things look a little different here at songsofblood.com. We are preparing for the relaunch of the series under new branding — The World of the Aegeans — in 2020, and will be moving our new, expanded content to theaegeans.com website which will be going live later this year.

Much of what you know about the current Songsverse will remain, but significant change is on the horizon. We have kept the best of our canon and characters, so you will still have your favorites to cheer on. But we believe the new elements of our story and its retelling will have you eager to dive right in to rediscover the World of the Aegeans.

On May 1st, 2019, all published titles of the Songs of Blood Saga were removed from selling platforms, and a relaunch of the new incarnation of the series is planned for the Spring of 2020. Ahead of the launch however, we will be offering free prequel content to the members of our mailing list. The first of these stories, the novella, Rise of Anowen, will be available for download on our new site in the Fall of 2019. Members who sign up for the mailing list here at songsofblood.com will be automatically transferred to the Aegeans mail list when the new site goes live.

So get ready! If you were enjoying the Songs of Blood Saga, you will love the Aegean Series. Don’t delay, sign up today to stay in the loop as we begin our new adventure.

In the meantime, enjoy a sample of Rise of Anowen, our origins story, on us.

Best Regards,
Renee and Rae

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"Peters and Stilwell have delivered an engaging, memorable family saga written in blood. Richly-drawn [characters] of varying rank, ethnicity, and ability vie for power, love, and influence in this high society drama. Readers are sure to fall in love with the passions and tragedies of their immortal heroes and will be eager to dive deeper into the series."

BookReviewDirectory, 2018